To round off an exciting Science Week, the Sun Valley Grade Sevens went through the process of designing, adhering to constraints and building their very own boats.


The task was simple, create a paper based boat that would be able to sail, via the use of wind energy, from one side of the pool to the other. Sounds simple enough?

IMG_4760 IMG_4762

IMG_4775 IMG_4776

IMG_4778 IMG_4779

Well, this group of Grade Sevens took it to a whole new level. From water proofing the paper with wax crayons, Vaseline, burning wax and event laminating the paper, the Grade 7s were focused and determined to create the ultimate boat.

IMG_4717 IMG_4753

It was very encouraging to see the way in which students created boats that were waterproof, structured in such a way that they could glide over the water with ease and use the wind energy to their advantage.


On Thursday, the Grade 7’s all set off to the pool area where the challenge would take place. We hope to have a couple of the “winning boats” on display during Parentline.

IMG_4793 IMG_4798

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