I saw a little spider

With the smartest spider head

She made somewhere inside her

A magic silken thread

I saw her sliding down it.

She dangled in the air.

I saw her climbing up it

And pulling up each stair.

She made it look so easy

I wished all day I knew

How I could spin a magic thread

So I could dangle too.

By Alieen Fisher

Our Grade 2s have become professional researchers as they investigated two spiders that they found the most interesting, scary or creepy. We crawled through webs of spider facts to compile a “Fact File”.

Then they wrote all the important information onto their sticky spider legs and made their spider projects look as scary and life like as can be. Our passage is now a tangled web full of fearfully and wonderfully made spiders.

IMG_0006 2IMG_0011IMG_0027IMG_0015IMG_0032

Thank you to our amazing parents for taking the time to meet with us during Parentline. It is always such a joy to meet with you and your children. We hope you have an incredible and safe holiday. See you in Term 3!


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