On Monday and Wednesday of this week, our Grade Ones headed to Higgledy Piggeldy Farmyard at Imhoff Farm. They arrived at school for their field trip with giant smiles on their faces and lots of food for the animals in hand.

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Once arrived, the classes were split up. One of the classes went for the activity whilst the other walked around and fed the animals. After a snack, they swapped. The activity involved learning about the “Journey of a Jersey“. The children were told about the process of making wool. They discussed the different aspects, the shearing of the sheep, the washing of the fleece, the sorting and in some cases the dyeing of the fleece depending on what it is needed for. The children were able to take part in these various aspects of jersey making and loved being involved.

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The Grade Ones also loved interacting and feeding the animals. The animals loved the children as it meant extra food for them! We were lucky enough to see a baby goat, a kid, running around and even coming right up to the children. The birds and other farm animals also enjoyed their yummy treats.

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To end off the field trip the children enjoyed their packed lunches under a giant tree. A fun morning was had by all and a big thank you to Cape for Kids for their part in the outing.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday and we look forward to a great Term Three.


The Grade One teachers.

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