What an incredible Term 2 it has been. The standard of Sport has been quite phenomenal. It has been a high pace term with a lot of tournaments, festivals and tours. We have been overwhelmed by the superb performances, the great deal of fun and laughter on the field and the outstanding participation across the board.


I have loved seeing the high level of collaboration that has happened within each and every team. This is the reason we play sport!

A special thank you to each and every coach that has given up hours of their time in the late afternoons, early mornings and weekends in order to achieve the sporting success that we have seen over Term 2.

Some highlights from Term 2 Include:

  • Outstanding Boys and Girls Hockey Tours to Knysna. Both teams set new records of success on tour, winning more games and having less goals against than ever before

    IMG_9003 IMG_9600


  • U13 Rugby Tour to KZN. What an unbelievable experience to take our top 19 rugby players to the KZN Midlands area and take on some of the top rugby-playing prep schools in South Africa. The boys won 3 out of 4 matches – what a performance!


  • U12 and U13 Netball Tour: Our very first National Netball Tour – WOW! What an awesome tour. The girls played top quality netball and had a superb time making new friends and spreading the Sun Valley name.


  • The participation levels have once again increased. Students are are becoming “cross-over athletes”. No longer are students only playing a single winter sport, they trying out two or even three different sports per season. We love seeing the kids trying their hand at a variety of sports while they are young.
  • The Rugby Boys have been in sublime form and have had a near-on perfect record. The boys are focused and determined to continue their high standards and look forward to the challenges of Term 3.
  • The Netball Girls have continued their excellent form of 2016. Currently, all the A Teams remain unbeaten in league games. Majority of the B Teams are also unbeaten.


  • We have developed a committed, GRITTY group of Cross Country runners who give absolutely everything to represent their school on cold, blustery Friday afternoons. The performances have been top class.


  • WP Winter Reps: The provincial reps have been pouring in over the last few months with students receiving Rugby, Baseball, Netball, Cross Country, Swimming and Biathlon WP Colours.
  • Soccer has remained one of the most popular sports at Sun Valley with many age groups nearing on 3 full teams. The passion for the game continues to grow and with the quality coaching that is received, the teams continue to top their various leagues both in the Boys and the Girls section.




  • Term 3

    In Term 3, we look forward to a 49 student-strong Soccer Tour, an U11 Cricket Tour as well as an U13 Cricket Tour to Knysna. Plenty festivals will continue to take place. Sun Valley will be hosting the SVPS Cross Country Event early in Term 3.



    Keep up the passion, keep up the perseverance, KEEP ON MOVING!

    Please click on the link below to access the SPORT BROCHURE.


SVPS Brochure – Term 3 2017 BK update UPDATE BK

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