Over the last two weeks the Grade 5s were given an opportunity to become farmers for the day.IMG_2236 IMG_2242

We visited Oranjezicht City farm and had a hands on experience of what it is like to live in the city, but still able to run a farm. Some children were hesitant to try the FRESH veggies, fruit and even chillies, while others munched away and even took ‘take aways’ for the trip home.


They enjoyed being able to touch, and in some cases, cuddle with the creatures of the earth, get their hands muddy whilst examining various types of soil and they got to plant and name their own seedlings.


What a brilliant opportunity it was for them to put into practise all that they have learned in the class this term. They now have the skills to plant their own fruit, herbs and veggies no matter how big or small their garden is.



IMG_2361 IMG_2341

The Grade 5s were once again reminded of the dynamic and beautiful city that we have the privilege of calling home.

IMG_2265 IMG_2254

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