During the holidays, the Sun Valley U13A Boys and Girls as well as the U13B Boys and Girls Soccer players set off to the fire-damaged region of Knysna for our annual Soccer Festival. Fortunately, the beautiful Rheenendal Fields on which we play, were untouched and the joys of the festival were able to continue.


Driving into Knysna, the kids were stunned by the mass devastation in the area. What an experience for the kids to observe the effects of such a fire. It was heart-warming to hear the emotionally intelligent comments and discussions taking place in the back of the buses.

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Many of the kids attending this soccer tour had never been on a tour before, and the excitement and general vibe was electric. From the drive up, to the arrival at our beautiful Knysna Login Accomodation, the music was blaring, the dancing was rather interesting and the chattering…never ending!


Sun Valley Primary School is renown in the Knysna area as a top sport school from Cape Town who compete against the very best in all sporting codes. Soccer is no different, and all the teams at the festival focus on giving their best against our tenacious teams. The 49-man strong touring team arrived at the fields on the first day of matches, warmed up, set up their area and looked ready for business.

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Our U13A Boys and U13A Girls continued their superb performances of the second term and in turn, the brilliant reputation of outstanding results throughout the event. The teams played over 10 matches during the festival and only lost a single game each. What an amazing achievement.

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While our policy at Sun Valley is for the B Teams to play for enjoyment and not a “Play to Win” mentality, our teams are filled with GRIT, determination and a tenacious attitude like no other. The U13B Boys were in such fine form that they, too, only lost a single game after playing all their matches against A-Teams. The highlight of the tour was without doubt, the moment that our U13B Team BEAT PE City, an incredibly strong club from the Port Elizabeth area, 2-1. Watching the other Sun Valley teams running onto the field to celebrate with their peers was a sight to behold.

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Our U13B girls had an absolute ball. The smiles, the laughter and the incredible skill development was impressive throughout the festival. Despite not all the results going their way, Coach Keith Simon, cannot praise their passion for the game and sportsmanship enough.

The Teams enjoyed a number of exciting trips, dinners and activities during the stay. Each night the team set off to various restaurants around Knysna for delicious meals. Upon asking Eli Hug about his soccer tour experience, he responded, “Sir, the food was definitely my highlight.”

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A trip to the Puzzle Park was in order after a long couple of days of competitive soccer. The teams set off and grabbed some much needed cool drinks and snacks before tackling the challenging 3-D Maze as well as the Puzzle Walk through the forest. What fun!

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Apart from the epic soccer, the divine food and the exciting, hilarious activities, the behaviour remained a highlight. A tour of 49 twelve and thirteen year olds is not to be taken lightly. The behaviour of every single child on tour was impeccable. What amazing ambassadors for the school.

Thank you to the amazing coaches for the hours they put into making the tour such a success.


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