Wow, it seems as though only yesterday we were ushering these fine young students into our class and teaching them how to cope with life at the top of their phase. Now, we are three terms in and having tons of fun learning!

This term we have a wonderful line up of creative learning activities for our students to take part in.

It’s all about Space and the amazing planets in our solar system in Term Three. Our students will have the chance to research a planet of their choosing and create an informative poster, in order to present their findings, in the form of an oral.

In Literacy we will be working hard on our story writing, by writing a couple of short stories; one of them being “Visitors from Space”. Here the students will be working on how to use the new “space” vocabulary and integrate it with their written work.

In Afrikaans we will be focusing on how to sound out some difficult words and answer questions in Afrikaans, using full sentences with correct punctuation. Spaak, the out of space alien, has a lot of lessons to teach us as he visits earth with his task of finding out as much about earthlings as possible in the story “Spaak se Taak”.

If it seems like that is already so much fun, WAIT, there is more!

Our students will have the chance to enjoy performance by the South African National Theatre in their production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which will be performed at our school. It is such a lovely way to look back into the fun we had in Term One where we, as a grade, read this as a set-work book.

I hope you’re ready to blast off into an incredible term with us!


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