On Friday, Sun Valley, once again, took Cross Country to a whole new level. From the outset, the staff were incredibly excited, the students were pumped up, and the participation was quite phenomenal.

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With close on 1000 students attending the event from all over Cape Town it was bound to be an action-packed day. The parents turned up in huge numbers too. The Valley came to a stand still as all eyes were on this tremendously exciting event.

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The Sun Valley athletes were dressed beautifully in their bright red shirts and performed incredibly well. Never before have we had so many Sun Valley athletes at a cross Country race. The start of each race was covered in a Sea of Red. We had many top 10 finishes. Several students that have never run a Cross Country race before finished in the top 10, and at times, in the TOP THREE!

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What a joy to see so many students getting involved in this fun, life-long sport. Final results will be published this week

A new addition to the Sun Valley Cross Country event of 2017 was SUNNY THE SUNBIRD. Our brand new mascot made an immediate impression with his awesome dance moves and friendly nature. He welcomed all parents and received many high fives upon entrance, he took plenty photos with students from other schools and offered great encouragement to the athletes as they sprinted the final 50 metres of the race.


Sportsmans Warehouse were an amazing sponsor for this event. An awesome finishing line, beautiful signage and water bottles for the top 10 athletes per race were loved by all. Cape Coffee Company were on duty and served delicious varieties of coffee – yum! Mantelli’s Biscuits were another generous sponsor who came on board and supplied a little pack of biscuits to the top 10 athletes at the finish line.What a treat! Every student that ran the race was given a free Sun Valley-Branded water bottle. Students were incredible grateful for this ice cold treat at the end of a long, challenging race.

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We really do have awesome, encouraging parents at Sun Valley and they certainly set the tone for the rest of the event. There was clearly marked parking all around the school grounds and Mr Best and his parking attendants brought a friendly, vibey attitude to start everyone’s afternoon on a high.

The Cross Country Course, or as we like to call it, Trail Run, was quite amazing. Several parents from visiting schools commented: “Not only is this the best organised event we have been to, but the kids have just LOVED this challenging, exciting, varied course.” Our staff were positioned along the way and kept the kids motivated and determined to finish each and every race.

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What an event, what a staff of educators, what an afternoon, what a PHE-NOM-E-NAL school!


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