Our Grade 5’s have hit the ground running this term, with no delays in setting their goals and preparing themselves for the possible challenges that may come their way this term.



From day one they were faced with the challenge to present their most beautiful cursive handwriting yet.



In the day and age of computers and tablets some may question; Why focus on cursive handwriting? The writing process involves a number of low-level and high-level skills; such as spelling, letter formation, organisation, strategy, following necessary guidelines of the focused topic and taking into consideration the needs of the reader. Cursive writing requires brain power to execute it and can be difficult to present a beautiful piece of work.

IMG_4583 IMG_4580 IMG_4579

Learning cursive has been a point of focus in both Foundation Phase and Intermediate Phase and this is what most of the children have been waiting for…the day they are awarded their PEN PASS!



A PEN PASS; What is this?



By them laying out their work neatly, paying attention to the presentation of their written work and showing every effort to have the most beautiful cursive writing they work towards the end goal of achieving their PEN PASS.


The PEN PASS is awarded to the children who have shown a great improvement in his/her cursive handwriting throughout the year.

With the PEN PASS awarded, children are now allowed to use a blue pen for all their written work.



The excitement is tangible and the continuous effort by all has been pleasing to witness, with the children working in anticipation to see when they will be awarded this prestigious pass.


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