There’s nothing like ending off the week on a good note. Fun Friday is one of Sunbird’s most exciting days. The children look forward to bringing their bikes to school as well as enjoying a treat at the end of the day, courtesy of the Bakers of the week.

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Bike time is a real treat, while mastering the art of balancing and strengthening the core muscles. Our little Sunbirdies are encouraged to bring their bikes, scooters or anything with wheels.


Fun Friday focuses on learning through play. The children are constantly playing games, dressing up, riding bikes, running around and a whole lot more.

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Bakerman role play incorporates learning through acting and singing as well as the embedded lesson of sharing. Not only is it a chance for the children to taste different foods, it is also an opportunity for the children to understand the concept of sweet and savoury.

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By 12:30, the children are beaming from ear to ear, waiting to go home to share with their families all the stories about their fun filled Friday.

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