As we all know, third term is one of Grade Threes most exciting terms, due to its focus on Our Solar System.

We started our term off, like a rocket into space, having each class visit the SKA office in Pinelands. SKA is short for Square Kilometer Array, and is a project that is run internationally but has its bases both in Africa and Australia. The goal is to build the largest radio telescope that will produce science that changes our understanding of the  universe.

It was an incredible opportunity to listen to Mr Francois Kapp speak about how these amazing machines work. It was a fantastic moment for us  as teachers to be able to sit back and observe the young students’ minds, who were all to eager to answer questions, and my goodness answer they did!

Words such as radio waves, frequencies, diameter, supernova, astronomy and many more were explained and our classes sat in awe listening and soaking in as much as they could.

They got to look through telescopes to see the effect of how light travels through a lens or onto a mirror and allows you to see further.

Some were used as helpers when Mr Kapp wanted to explain how the different radio waves moved in the air. We even got to go on a personal guided tour around the control room to see how the machines all worked!

All in all it was a trip well worth it!

We would like to thank all our parents that were able to help out with transport as well as Francois Kapp for his enthusiasm in organizing and sharing this enlightening event for out students.


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