Our Grade 5’s have recently been tackling the challenges of mastering the concept of contour lines. As you can imagine, this is not an easy task. We decided that the only way to conquer the concept was to tackle it in true Sun Valley fashion: getting hands on.


The Grade 5’s were delighted to hear that they would be creating South Africa in their co-operative groups. To do this they would need to use contour lines and build up South Africa’s unique landscape.



The classroom was decorated in paint, clay, plaster paris, cardboard and any other messy product that they might need. We are sure there was some evidence on our Grade 5’s clothes when hopping into the car, much to their parents’ dismay.

IMG_2587                  IMG_2586

This was not any normal group project. Our Grade 5’s are now going to be experimenting with a new App which will take this experience to an exciting new level. Now that the Grade 5’s have completed their projects and added in the finer details, they are going to be recording themselves giving feedback on the project process.


They will reflect on the challenges faced as a group and the success of their project. They will then attach their reflection to a picture of their final project using an App called Aurasma.



We are hoping to utilise this App in many new areas, to help make tasks that much more digitally oriented and enthralling. We hope this will allow parents and visitors to get an insight into the happenings in the our Grade 5 classroom’s…we certainly can’t wait to show you.


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