“Criss cross and go under the bridge

then you’ve got to pull it tight.

Make a loop but keep a long tail,

thats how to do it right!

Then you take the other string

and wrap it around the loop,

pull it through the hole

Now you’ve got the laces scoop!”


Down at Sunbird, we know that getting ready for big school involves tackling some BIG challenges! Over the past week, our Grade R’s have set their hands to tying shoelaces. With the cold winter weather encouraging us to wear closed shoes most days, it’s a skill that our sunbirds were both excited and determined to master!


Each child first spent time designing his/her own pair of brightly coloured shoes to use as a template. Mutterings of “criss cross and go under the bridge” could be heard and furrows of concentration were evident as the children practiced looping and knotting their laces together to create the perfect bow.


Tying shoelaces is not an easy task and our sunbirds displayed true grit as they learnt the importance of not giving up. Sighs of exasperation very soon became squeals of joy as boys and girls exclaimed, “I did it!” Filled with pride and confidence, our children are ready to face any challenge that may come their way in term 3 and beyond!



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