The Grade 12’s are finishing off their last work and assessments before the Preliminary Exams start in a week.  A process writing essay is one of the last tasks that needs to be completed for their written portfolio.  Creative writing can be challenging for First Additional Language students so being able to use a dictionary and language notes when writing the draft and final copy is a huge advantage.


The chosen topics ranged from narrative and discursive to descriptive and the Grade 12’s did very well to write interesting essays.  I traveled under the sea to experience the life of a talking shark, was present at the funeral of a dear friend and taken on an air balloon ride to another galaxy.


Some conversational assessments about students interests, future plans and books read or films seen still need to be done.  These are usually done in a very relaxed environment where students feel comfortable to communicate in Afrikaans.  All of this is done in preparation for the Regional Oral Moderation in September.


I leave the grade 12’s with this thought and wish them success in the moderation and upcoming exams.



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