This week our Grade Ones went on their Term Three field trip to Kirstenbosch Gardens. The children arrived very excited as they had been waiting for this day for a long time. In class they have learnt about the different parts of a plant and were ready to see what they had learnt in person.

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Once at Kirstenbosch, the classes went into the conservatory. They then learned all about the four families of proteas: ericas, restios, proteas, etc. The children loved this and were all able to answer the questions posed to them by the staff of Cape for Kids. They also learned about the benefits of the buchu plant and how plants are used in our daily lives. After the talk and question time, the Grade Ones were then treated to a puppet show. The puppet show was about Monty the Mongoose and how he gets blindfolded in Kirstenbosch and has to solve Fynbos riddles before he can enjoy his birthday party. The children were amazing in helping Monty solve these riddles!

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The children then went outside and had a snack and were even lucky enough to see an owl sitting on the roof! The guides then took them on a walk through Kirstenbosch and discussed the various types of plants they had spoken about earlier. The also learnt what a “centenarian” tree is. It is a tree that is 100 years or older. They were also fortunate enough to drink from the natural spring in Kirstenbosch – they absolutely loved this “back to nature” experience! To end off the field trip we walked them to the top of the hill where they got to run and roll down – the joys of being a child!

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It was such a fun and educational outing and we would like to thank Cape for Kids for their wonderful programme!

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