It has been a whirlwind of a term so far. The Grade 2 boys and girls have had the opportunity to plant their own beans. Some beans have flourished with just the right of water, sunlight and love. Other boys and girls have experienced some heartache, because their bean hasn’t faired so well. They have been observing the beans growth and keeping a Bean Journal for when anything fascinating happens.


We have had a blast using the iPad for many exciting subjects. Measurement and 2D and 3D shapes have come alive with some interactive keynotes, as well as learning about “Die Huis” in Afrikaans. Having the ever slight and unobtrusive, yet powerful, aspect of digital learning in Grade 2 has really added value to our classrooms. The children thrive when given the opportunity to work on, or demonstrate things to the class, on the iPad. The Grade Two teachers have especially loved using the “Show Me” app.

We are excited to go on our Field Trip to The Science Centre next week. Thank you to all the moms and dads who have volunteered to lift. We are really appreciative of your time and willingness to help out.

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