Our school has some amazing policies which ensure that our children are given the best chance to shine, specifically in Mathematics and English.


The children at our school are placed in the various pace groups namely: Support, Core or Extension. Our Grade Six children are placed with other children that are working at a similar pace in either Mathematics or in English.


The children can be in the same group for English and Mathematics, however they can be moved around to ensure that they are working at the correct pace. The teaching staff love this system as we can see if our children are coping with the work. We can also move our children to the next group if we see that they are grasping the core skills and concepts easily in their allocated pace group.


Pace group teaching is essential in our Grade as it gives us time to work with our children in the Support group so that they are able to taste success. We believe that our system is geared to ensure that all the children have a great experience whilst at school.


The Pace Group Teaching experience is not only experienced in this grade, but throughout our school. We have seen the benefits and we are happier teachers knowing that we are preparing children that are confident and working to their full potential.


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