The Grade 4’s have been the pioneers of the one-to-one iPad program at Sun Valley Primary. They have taken their teachers and parents by surprise by showing their capabilities on a device that baffles most adults.

Whether they are told to use Keynote or iMovie or even Popplet, the level of work produced is amazing. Not only are they proficient on the devices, but they have fun doing it. Orals are no longer stock standard. The children have the opportunity to film themselves and then display it on the interactive white boards.


The most impressive aspect is the confidence it instills in them. They use the Keynote app to present their progress to their parents at teacher parent meetings. This enables them to show off the skills they have learnt during the term and it never fails to blow their parents away.

The children in Grade 4 are definitely holding the future in their hands and at the rate they are going, they are going to be SHAPING that future. We cannot wait to see what their future is going to look like.

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