For our last Grade 5 assembly in 2017, we decided to teach the rest of the school the importance of being humble. The ability to be humble in every aspect of ones life is so important; be it at school, in the work place or during sport.



The children embraced this exciting idea with plenty of enthusiasm. Some of them even took on the challenge to film other Grades on their understanding of the concept. They used their skills to create an amazing video using their iPads and iMovie.



The Grade 5s taught the school that even though we all have many great skills and talents, we need to remember that our performance outshines what we say. We must remember that through everything, we must remain humble and grounded. IMG_2527


The Grade 5s also emphasised the importance of respecting our team mates, opponents, coaches and referees. The Grade 5 teachers were blown away by the talent the Grade 5s showed during their assembly practices and throughout their performance.

21106566_1461754333907276_8791805829754827537_n   IMG_2537 21150212_1461754293907280_5021138151386635960_n

They blew everyone away with a lively movement song that had everyone up on their feet dancing and having fun. What a memorable assembly! Click here to watch our assembly!


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