“What is an assembly?” and “What happens during an assembly?” were just two of the many questions asked and investigated at Sunbird over the last few weeks.  Children learned new songs with accompanying actions, paying close attention to teachers’ direction.  They practised walk-on and walk-off drills, remembered places in line, knew exactly where to stand on stage.  So much excitement, performing in front of an audience of parents, teachers and friends.

IMG_7649 IMG_7650 IMG_7651


And my, how they performed. Like superstars. With glorious smiles on their shiny little faces, facing a hall full of strangers. From the very first echos of “All Creatures Great and Small!” to the very last “Tssshhhh!”

IMG_7647 IMG_7641IMG_7645 IMG_7643 IMG_7642 IMG_7646IMG_7640

They triumphed. Speaking clearly and confidently, singing with gusto, moving with bounce, energy and rhythm.  Thank you, Sunbirdies.  Your performance on and off the stage was superb.

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