Last week the Grade Two classes headed off to the Science Centre to see what it was like to be scientists. We had so much fun exploring, discovering and experimenting with all of the different things that the Science Centre had to offer.

IMG_0153IMG_0103 IMG_0147

This term we have been learning about recycling, looking after our planet and how important good soil is for our ecosystems. We have also been learning a great deal about how a bean grows. In the laboratory, we dissected a bean. It was so interesting to see the different parts of the tiny bean.


Playing the scientific games helped us to learn without even thinking about it. The boys and girls let loose on the science floor and had so much fun!

We watched an EXPLOSIVE science show with a mad scientist, realising how magical the art of science can be.

Thank you to the moms and dads for lifting. We are so appreciative of your time and enthusiasm toward this grade.


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