This week our grade 4s got to go on our ignition outing to the University of Cape Town MA-RE centre.

Here they learned about all different parts of the ocean; from different types of fish to diving and how to keep our oceans free of plastic.
The two classes were split into 5 groups and had 30 minutes at each station to learn about the different parts of the sea life.

They learnt about why an egg floats in sea water and why it sinks in fresh water… did you know the more salt in the water the more you float? That’s why people float easily in the Dead Sea, because it is more dense than fresh water.

At another station they got to talk with a real diver, who does recreational diving and commercial diving. The learners watched videos recorded on dives and saw diving gear that the professionals use. This really intrigued the learners and the questions asked blew us away!

The third station was all about Recycling. The grade fours discussed what the 3 ‘R’s meant and how to keep the ocean free of plastic. At this station they also got to name their different teams and win prizes by sorting litters into the correct categories.

The last two stations had to do with the creatures in the ocean, They used their iPad’s see what fish you should be eating and the ones that you shouldn’t due to them being endangered. So if your children give the waitress a hard time about the fish they are serving at the restaurant, you will know why… The last station was a very exciting station, The grade 4’s went into the aquarium of the university to touch different creatures. They held different types of starfish, sea cucumbers and even a hermit crab!

The learners had a blast during this ignition outing, The teachers were so impressed with the behaviour as well! Well done grade 4s on yet another amazing outing!

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