Our Ignition Field trip to the University of Stellenbosch is a highlight to Gr 6’s and teachers alike. This year was no different.  At the beginning of our visit to this beautiful campus the classes split up, each visiting a different department.


Gr 6 Winter went to the Entomology Department where they were told how to classify insects and how these creatures were used to fight pests. They were also shown how DNA gets extracted from insects. Their session ended with a closer look at different  species  through microscopes.

Grade 6 Dawes visited the Stellenbosch Botanical gardens. While looking at the beautiful plants in bloom, they learnt about the importance of finding ways to preserve different plant species.


Gr 6 Suter received a small glimpse of the science behind farming at the Department of Agriculture. They were also taught the difference between a green house and a tunnel. The very smelly aquatic farming woke up many of the learners’ senses.




Gr 6 Skippers were introduced to the study of Animal Science. Besides being taken on a journey of all the work behind the scenes of producing various foods, learners managed to tickle their taste buds on some delicious yoghurt and biltong.



Thereafter the classes met up at the Physics Department where Dr Arendse enticed the learners.  They put on their thinking caps in order to solve some Physics problems, in pairs. This was met with great excitement.

It was time for a lunch break after all that thinking. Everyone trekked to the Neelsie’s food court where they filled their tummies and got to visit with each other.


We ended off the day at the Chemistry Department where students were waiting to entertain us with an X-factor challenge, showing us fascinating experiments.

Dreams of studying at the University of Stellenbosch were ignited on this day. May our Gr 6’s chase these dreams with passion and perseverance.

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