Last week our Grade Ones were introduced to the third e-colour, Yellow. The yellow e-colour symbolizes the “socializer“. This refers to the part of your personality that helps you interact with those around you and engage with others. We linked this e-colour lesson with our current theme, The Lorax. The Lorax is a socializer and a great leader/team player. In the Lorax story, he engages with all those who live around him and he is a confident character and someone who enjoys interacting with others.

IMG_1353 IMG_3962 IMG_3964 IMG_3965 IMG_3966 IMG_3967 IMG_3968 IMG_3969 IMG_3970 IMG_3982 IMG_3983 IMG_3984 IMG_3985 IMG_3986 IMG_3987 IMG_2265

We discussed the connection between the Lorax and the socializer e-colour before the children went back to their desk and did the activity. They were given a Lorax mustache and had to colour it in the e-colour they had just learned about. They then had to write ‘socializer’ on the moustache to help them remember the activity and what was taught.

IMG_3989 IMG_3990 IMG_3991 IMG_3992 IMG_3993 IMG_4019 IMG_4020 IMG_4021 IMG_4023 IMG_4024 IMG_4025 IMG_4026

It was a fun lesson and the children throughly enjoyed it. We have learned three out of the four e-colours so far. Stay tuned to the blog to see when we learn about our last e-colour, red!

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