After much anticipation and weeks of collecting plastic the Grade 4’s set about to make a difference in the amount of plastic waste that they produce by making Ecobricks at school.

What is an Ecobrick you may be wondering? Well as the Grade 4’s discovered it a a fabulous solution for plastic waste.


An Ecobrick is a plastic bottle stuffed solid with non-biodegradable waste which is used to create a reusable building block. Ecobricks are being used to make modular furniture, garden spaces, raised beds for the gardens, park benches, boundary walls as well as larger projects such as schools and houses.

So how does it work? Firstly, you will need an empty 2L coke bottle or similar plastic bottle. Keep the bottle in your kitchen/classroom ready to be filled. Secondly, collect any non-recyclable (plastic) waste, such as plastic food packaging, chip packets, pet food pouches, polystyrene cups and trays, foil wrap. Thirdly, push the plastic waste tightly into the bottle with a stick to compress it. Keep doing this until the eco-brick is completely filled and weighs about 500 g. Lastly, twist the cap back on and there you have it – your first ecobrick compete .

Ecobrick’s provides a zero-cost solid waste solution for individuals, households, schools and communities. Through this initiative our Grade 4’s have been exposed to an exciting way to take action today and stop pollution as well as envision a healthier way of living in our world.


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