On Thursday 21 September our Grade 5’s set off to Soetwater Environmental Centre. Arriving on the beachfront, we all wondered how we would be taught to become ‘Environmentalists’ for the day. We were welcomed by enthusiastic volunteers, who work closely with the well-known Mr Lappies.


Our minds were immediately challenged and put to work with group discussions on Eco-systems. They were then to use the knowledge just learnt to explore the rock pools. The rock pool exploration included lifting rocks, dodging the slippery kelp and finding different creatures found on their ‘specimens list’.




Whilst discovering weird and wonderful creatures, the children were taught about the different food webs and food chains that included all these different producers and consumers.




While walking towards the Environmental Centre our children were made aware of the exquisite bird-life, and were challenged to see which group could spot and identify the biggest variety.

IMG_4906 IMG_4853

At the centre the children were met by the Baboon Matters representatives, who treated us to an informative talk and ‘Question Time’, during which our kids proudly shared the information they had researched and learnt whilst working on their research Baboon Projects.



To end off the busy day we were then visited by Tim, the Reptile Man… well let’s just say this had most of our adults shrieking!

IMG_4880 IMG_4882

Tim taught us a wealth of knowledge as to how we can protect out reptiles, such as snakes, lizards and tortoises. The best part was that our children got to assist and learnt not to fear them, but respect them.




This was a day full of practical, hands-on learning opportunities that allowed us to challenge our fears and even begin to embrace them. Being an Environmentalist was INCREDIBLE!


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