Ah, the world of work! When you’re at school, it sounds so exciting and grown – up. The independence it offers must be worth it, right? When you’re actually in it… well, it becomes rather REAL! In order to get the Grade 10’s thinking about careers, working and jobs, they have been tasked with designing an advert in Life Orientation for a holiday job for students of their own age and a little older.

Whilst the job/role itself must be created by the students, all aspects that are linked to a real job advertisement must appear. The Grade 10’s must also consider what kind of role would appeal to a teen who would like to enter the world of temporary work.

Will there be opportunities for advancement in this role? What are the working hours? And, most importantly, what is the rate of remuneration??! Looking at the world of work from this perspective also allows the students to gauge an understanding of what they need to be looking for in any potential role or job they may wish to take on whilst still at school.


For now, the Grade 10’s have decided they would rather do the advertising for the job than the answering! However, next year they will experience some Job Shadowing… time to start preparing Grade 10’s!




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