Our space theme was based on our setbook, “There’s No Place Like Space”. It was definitely a theme that was well explored, had no limits and was loved by all.


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Circle Time was the highlight of the day as the children got to think out of the box about all that lay beyond what the eye could see. Their imaginations were put to the test tackling questions such as ‘what would one take on a space expedition?’ and ‘what would you find on an imaginary planet?’. Gravity was a particularly fun concept that the children enjoyed learning about. Attempting to role play floating in space with zero gravity had everyone in hysterics!

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Art Time brought out each child’s inner Picasso as they painted the most beautiful galaxies. Replicating craters on the moon was a fun experience both as a fine motor art activity, modeling clay, and a gross motor activity where children perfected the moon walk.

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Just when we thought that the topic of space couldn’t be any more fun, dress up day stood to prove us all wrong. The ‘Blast off to Space’ dress up day was a massive hit that brought out our little ones inner alien, astronaught and star that they are. There definitely is no place quite like space!

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