Last term the Grade Ones completed their community service project for the year, something done in every grade at SVPS. We decided to collect items for TEARS, a local dog and cat rescue shelter in the valley. We chose this as it links to our ‘Pets‘ theme in our Life Skills curriculum.

IMG_5150 IMG_0041 IMG_4642 IMG_2046

The CARE and Reflection Monitors from each class were chosen to go to TEARS to hand over the items. We were absolutely astounded by how much was collected for the animals. Giant bags of dog food, well over a hundred tins of food, toys and blankets were among some of the things collected for TEARS. At the handover, the eight students helped to unload all the items that had been collected and even got to meet a TEARS mascot and a precious new puppy.

IMG_2800 IMG_3246 IMG_9485 IMG_1303

TEARS were incredibly grateful for all the items and the Grade One students were happy to have made a difference within the community and discover how they can help others through small acts of kindness.

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