iThemba means ‘hope’. In response to the massive need for quality pre-primary education in under-resourced communities, St. Peters launched an Early Childhood Development Centre in January 2012. There are now about 60 children ages 3-6, from disadvantaged backgrounds who attend iThemba School, in the building alongside St Peters Church.

The Grade Threes at Sun Valley Primary School were privileged to be a part of a community outreach just down the road. This year the Grade Threes collected a variety of balls that the children at iThemba would be able to play with at school. They want to start a little a soccer team, so soccer balls were much appreciated.

Mrs Best and Mrs Laufs’ classes visited iThemba at the end of the first term. The children had the opportunity to share a picnic with the iThemba children, play games with them and teach them some of our own special moves. Miss Wennekes and Mrs Altern’s classes visited iThemba at the end of the third term.

From past experience, it has been incredible to see how excited our children were to make a difference in their very own community. These iThemba children wormed their way into the hearts of each of our Sun Valley students, which made saying good-bye almost impossible.


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