The Grade Fives are learning about the causes and consequences of the Apartheid movement. We are focusing on the District Six community and how land capture by the suppressive government affected thousands of households that were forced to move to the Cape Flats and township areas.


The Grade Five teachers are teaching the boys and girls the importance of multicultural education and how diversity brings about a strong sense of belonging and the need for history to not repeat itself.


We introduced the topic by watching the very entertaining play, District Six, written by David Kramer. We all came together and watched the entertaining, yet heart breaking musical in the hall as a grade. We have had many class discussions about this important topic and the questions and answers that the Grade Fives have produced have been mind-blowing.


They have showcased great emotional intelligence, in sympathising with those who had been affected by the movement.



We are now diving into our creative writing, creating an essay and a free verse poem, keeping the topic of District Six in mind. A lot of research and time has been spent to ensure these are both factual and realistic.


It is amazing to see how this topic has touched the Grade Five children, as there has been a sense of collaboration amongst each group, in order to work together and view each individual as equal and important to their grade.



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