On the 12th and 13th October, Rocklands centre was overtaken by over 130 Grade 4’s for their annual camp. Excited children and nervous parents greeted the teachers bright and early on Thursday morning. Mom and dad didn’t want to let go and the children didn’t want to look back.


The still morning air was pierced by the sound of war cries and chants as the camp groups and new friendships were formed. The children were treated to an expert war cry demonstration by leaders Monkey King and Running Rhino aka Mr Raven and Mr Best.

Many scrumptious meals were enjoyed on the camp and no one went hungry, that’s for sure! The grade 4’s were in the lap of luxury as the Grade 7 pupil leaders were put to work washing their dishes.

The highlight of camp was the camp concert. Groups showed us what they were made of by putting on 60 second skits about camp. The evening was then capped off by a surprise visit by 2 “French” barbers, the finest in the land, Albert and Pierre. Several staff members had the pleasure of the finest barber treatment known to man.

A rare treat was given to this years grade 4’s as no fewer than 5 helicopters landed on the Rocklands field. The children then had the opportunity of getting up close to these helicopters and were able to ask the pilots any questions they had. Lots of knowledge was gained this day by all.

Camp this year was definitely a stand out event for all involved. The teachers were so impressed by all the children and were left with full and happy hearts. A special thanks goes to Rocklands for allowing us to use their facilities. We are all super excited for next years experience.

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