Much effort has been put into preparing our children for the annual Systemic Assessments that has taken place this week. We wanted our learners to feel confident and have enough practice before facing this challenge.

Our Small Group Tuition teacher, Mrs Raven, spent 4 lessons a week in each class, assisting the ones who needed extra input. She was able to be freely available during some Maths and English lessons to guide these stars to success.



We have also been focusing on pace group teaching in order to work with smaller groups at a time to reinforce concepts and to make sure each child is on the right track with his/her work.



Our TAP parents have also been amazing with giving extra support to our kids. They have been practicing times tables, conversions and the writing of complex and compound sentences outside with 2 learners at a time.



Our kids are carefully placed within co-operative groups in order for them to help each other when questions or concepts are not understood. It is also a way for them to be linked to a study buddy to revise covered work during a lesson.



Our Grade Sixes walked out of the Systemic Assessment with much confidence and found that they were well prepared for the tasks given.

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