The past few weeks we have been introducing our Grade Ones to a brand new concept, time. They were excited to learn about this concept that guides a lot of their life. We discussed the different times of day and how many hours there are in a day. We discussed morning, noon and night and that certain things happen at certain times of the day.

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To apply the information they had learned, the boys and girls got to make their very own clocks. They were taught about the two different hands and what each signifies and how to read the hands.

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The first thing they were introduced to was “o’clock”. Wow, the Grade Ones had NO problem grasping this concept. They played around with their own clocks making the different “o’clocks” and getting friends to read the time on their clock. They also had to play a game where they had to match the clock to the written time and they enjoyed this activity!

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Encourage your child to tell the time at home, they’ll surprise you with how much they know!

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