Term 4 is the name and Fairytales and Fantasies are the game down at Sunbird! This exciting theme is serving to ignite our children’s imaginations and to transform the pre-school into a dynamic world of make-believe.


Using Julia Donaldson’s acclaimed children’s book ‘The Troll’ as a launchpad, we’ve spent the past two weeks focusing on Pirates and Trolls and the myriad of captivating, comical factors that make up their respective worlds.


As always, learning incorporates all five senses and takes place through a variety of mediums such as movement, song, dance, dress-up, construction, art, baking and most importantly, play!

Our Sunbirds have enjoyed building troll bridges…


Creating pirate ships…


Drawing treasure maps…


Making troll food…

IMG_4350IMG_4348 IMG_4355

Engaging in role-play…


And a whole lot more! We may be entering the last stretch of the school year, but things are all but slowing down in Grade R.  We can only imagine what fantastical fun the next few weeks will bring!

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