A typical year starts with SMART goal-setting. To charter the course of SMART goal setting, each child enjoys the opportunity to bring structure and meaning to their life. It provided clear objectives with directives. It helped them avoid targeting vague achievements and incentives.


The journey brought us closer to reality and the family spirit at SVPS. Like a hand in a glove, Market Day became an experience of growth and SMART people who decided to harvest the fruit of just being…amazing.

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Market Day – our young Grade 7 entrepreneurs ran small businesses. As leaders and innovators of their ideas, they realised the importance of Financial Intelligence and to invest for long-term goals while creating avenues for revenue.


IMG_5442 IMG_5446 IMG_5461 IMG_5466

As teams, they assumed all the risks and rewards of a well-planned Business Plan.

Stall displays governed the hall from these young entrepreneurs who set up from early in the morning. Their competitive nature, creativity, resourcefulness and determination was obvious. Teams showed great discipline as they prepared their stalls. They were so focused and avoided any distractions.

IMG_5475 IMG_5478 IMG_5482 IMG_5508 IMG_5533 IMG_5541

So as a final grade project, Grit and Resilience ruled … target of R40 000 was reached.

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