Being an Afrikaans teacher in the Deep South is not always an easy job.  Unfortunately, it is not up there as one of the favourite subjects.  So, succeeding at teaching Afrikaans successfully starts with relationship.  When kids feel safe and loved, they learn better and in my case change their attitudes about “Die Taal”!


My great reward comes when a student, who struggled at a neighbouring school, improves her marks in leaps and bounds.  When she changes from a shy, intimidated student to one who works with confidence, my job is nearly done. Teaching at a boutique school where we can often work with students one on one gives me the opportunity to help struggling students and help them rebuild their confidence.


I often teach students where Afrikaans is their third/ fourth language. When these students excel and achieve 70% aggregate in Afrikaans, I am elated!


In spite of the fact that teaching Afrikaans can be very challenging, I love my job and the students I teach even more.

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