This past week the Grade Ones learnt about the last e-colour, redThe red e-colour represents the doer. The doer represents the part of your personality that likes to get things done. They also like doing and achieving things. A person that has a doer personality can see the “bigger picture” and is able to make a quick decision.

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The activity we linked to the red e-colour was to make hands, as they are what we DO things with. The Grade Ones traced and cut out their hands on a red piece of paper and then joined the two hands together. This activity will remind them that the red represents the doer. The results of the activity were great!

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The children have enjoyed learning about the four different e-colours and how we are all different and have different personality traits. It was fun for the classes to apply the e-colour information in exciting activities and we look forward to them learning about the e-colours in more detail in Grade Two.

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