What a wonderful way to start the end of this incredible journey that we have shared with these Grade 3’s.

Our GRIT awards are not to put emphasis on our top academics, but to focus on our children who not only set guady goals, but do their very best to attain them.

No matter how hard their mountain is to climb, their goals are set and they are ready to climb.

Not only have our Grade 3’s set goals for themselves to reach, but us as teachers have set them goals in class. This year one of our goals was to allow the children to complete and compile a research project into an informative poster.

In Term One they were given many guidelines to follow. In Term Two some of the guidelines were taken away and more in Term Three. In Term Four, they were given a choice of dinosaur; they started and finished their project by themselves. This was an incredible, brave step that our Grade 3’s took and we are so proud of them.

It was a privilege to share this day with our students and their parents to applaud and praise them for their valiant efforts this year.


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