Last week we celebrated our wonderful boys and girls. In case some of you missed it, we would like to share Mrs Huntley’s speech so you can get a little glimpse of how much your children have meant to us this year.


“In Grade 2 this year we have unashamedly embraced the concept of yet and not yet. Sometimes we get something right the first time, and other times we need to try again because we haven’t got it yet. A few weeks ago I was marking some work for one of my boys; he was practically bouncing next to me and peering over my shoulder, his little hands itching to get the book back from me. He saw me put an arrow next to one of his sums; this indicated that he hadn’t got that sum right yet. For a moment his brow furrowed in concentration and then he beamed with pride, tapped me on the shoulder and said, “That’s not going to be an arrow for long!”


You see, our children have begun to view their mistakes as an opportunity for success, a chance to be challenged, a chance to try again. They understand that to grow their brains, they need to encounter struggle. If all they’re getting in their books are ticks, then actually we as teachers are failing them because we aren’t challenging them. Every day this year has been a chance for them to try their best, to fail forward and tackle challenges fearlessly! And as teachers, we have tried to make them feel like superheroes, not for achieving the best results, but for trying again and again and never giving up.


For me, 2017 has been the most beautiful and rewarding year. Your children have truly shown me what a growth mind set looks like. This is a grade that does not hope for or choose the easy way out. They have thrived on challenges and pushed themselves further than we could ever have imagined possible, because of this, I know that they can do the impossible. This morning we will be celebrating our children, not for their academic accolades, but rather for the hard won victories that were achieved through GRIT this year. Welcome to a celebration of GRIT!”



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