It has been amazing watching our Grade Sixes connecting with each other throughout this year. Being placed with different people in a new class has brought about new friendships that will last for a very long time.



Each term our kids have been moved into new co-operative groups, forcing them to spend time and space with people who they might not have chosen to be with. This has created opportunities for our boys and girls to push aside their pre-conceived ideas of someone and get to know the true person. This has often resulted in a growth and a show of compassion and empathy towards those around them.



Our Grade 6 classes have become families where at times they get angry and frustrated with each other. However, more often than not, it has become a safe haven, where they can be themselves and where they know they are loved and excepted for who they are.



The love and support these Grade Sixes are showing each other is incredible. They have learnt to assist each other in the learning process, they have learnt to celebrate each other’s successes and they have learnt to encourage each other when facing failures.



These kids have found a place in our hearts. It’s going to be difficult letting them go.

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