As the year draws to a close we reminisce on all the GRIT shown this year by our Grade 4s.

Grade 4 is a challenging year with ups and downs and unexpected events. The Grade 4s have had to set long term goals, reflect on their dedication to achieve those goals, learn to sleep away from home for a one night as well as write Assessments.

On Wednesday the 8th of November 2017 the Grade 4s had their Grit Awards, each individual learner was celebrated for their own unique Grit that they had shown this year as well as a few special awards. The special Awards were as follows:

A Golden Grit Award was awarded to the grittiest child in each class who had shown true grit in all tasks in Grade 4 this year.

Red Rubber Ball Awards were awarded to the children who showed passion and perseverance during the Grade 4 year. These learners were selected for always arriving at school with a smile despite having academic or personal issues to overcome during class.

And lastly, each teacher selected five learners who showcased a mastery of emotional intelligence. This award was awarded to the children who displayed ability to recognise, understand and regulate their emotions during our school day.

It has been a privilege to walk these special Grade 4’s through their first year of the intermediate phase. We can safely say that each child has grown immensely throughout this year. We wish the Grade 4s of 2017 all the best in their up coming adventures.

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