The end of Grade R is fast approaching and by this point of the year our children have their daily routine completely waxed. Some might even say they know it backwards! This notion was put to the test on Friday as things at Sunbird turned completely upside down and inside out for Backwards Day 2017. Our school schedule was reversed as we began our day at the end and ended our day with the beginning. And oh what fun was had!


There were giggles of glee as the children entered the gates donning backwards clothing, backwards caps and backwards hairstyles. The teachers choruses of “Goodbye” resulted in many confused looks, but thankfully none of our Sunbirdies left to go back home! When the bell rang we all ran backwards to our classes, and then began our day by lining up for hometime – backwards of course!



The day was filled with backwards fun as we worked through our Friday routine from the bottom up. From backwards Story Time to backwards Bike Time to backwards Bakerman, the surprises and silliness didn’t stop coming. Backwards lunch was certainly a big hit, as the children could eat their treat foods first! We even found time for a backwards walk-it-circuit and some backwards games on the field!


2017-11-20-PHOTO-00001294 2

Aside from being a LOT of fun for everyone, backwards day gave our children a chance to to reflect on the things that we say and do at school on a regular basis. These inquisitive little minds were constantly working as they examined the routine closely for differences and figured out which activity would come next. What an exciting way to learn!


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