This week our classes went to Rondevlei for their last field trip as Grade Ones. Even though the weather didn’t play along, it did not dampen the excitement of the children as they got ready to leave for their field trip.

IMG_6463 IMG_8348

As they arrived at Rondevlei, the field trip started off with a quick fruit snack. They were then given a presentation on the flora and fauna at Rondevlei. The children were very excited about all that could be found there and were hoping to get a glimpse of the very elusive hippo that lives there. They were then treated to a puppet show that taught them about all the different birds one can find at Rondevlei.

IMG_6472 IMG_7192 IMG_6443

After the show, the children then went for a walk around Rondevlei. They got to go into a few of the bird hides and watch the birds in their natural habitat. They then got to climb the towers which gave them the most beautiful views over the whole of Rondevlei. The children particulary enjoyed this outing as it linked to what we had been learning about water conservation and nature in our Life Skills curriculum.


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