A visit to the Save Our Seas Shark Centre has been a much anticipated Grade Two field trip. It was been an amazing experience to say the least. The children listened to a short talk about the tides and were told what creatures to expect to see at low tide. A short walk over the road took them to the Dalebrook rocky seashore to put into practice what had been said.



We ate our lunch outside the centre, followed by some awesome, hands-on activities. We also learnt why sharks are important to the ecosystem. The children rounded up the trip with a quick splash in the tidal pool.IMG_3972IMG_3978IMG_3982

We feel so strongly about preserving our sea life that we have donated the proceeds from this field trip to the Shark Spotter Foundation. Thank you to the moms and dads who were able to help us with lifts. We so appreciate your time.

IMG_3976 IMG_3988


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