On the 27th of November the Grade Fours tested their stamina with a guided hike up to the block houses above Kommetjie and then down to Slangkop Lighthouse. They started off from behind the Catholic Chapel at the end of Rubbi Road and, followed the footpath, whilst braving some soft sand and spiky dune grass, they made their way to the top.


The hike was lead by Mr Lappies, an Ecologist from the Soetwater Environmental Education Centre. Throughout the hike the Grade Fours were informed about various fynbos, fauna and flora, as well as the history behind the old block houses, look-out-turrets and Slangkop Lighthouse itself.


After having our lunch in the block houses overlooking Kommetjie we took a swift descent down towards Slangkop Lighthouse. Slangkop Lighthouse is the tallest cast-iron lighthouse along the South African shore and stands 30 m (100 ft) from its base to the balcony. What an experience it was to be so close to a fully functional lighthouse which is right on our doorstep.


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