Filled with enormous amounts of energy and excitement, the Grade 5s left on their final field trip for the year. The atmosphere was vibrant from the first steps taken on the Springbok Atlas until the minute we stepped off the buses back at Sun Valley Primary.

2017-11-23 12.51.06



During the year the Grade 5s learnt a lot about the city they live in, from a cultural to a historical perspective. Getting to experience the city as a tourist on a red double decker bus was most certainly an eye-opening experience.

2017-11-23 11.59.12

2017-11-23 11.57.49

2017-11-23 11.12.23

The journey started in the beautiful and historic Victorian Wharf and the bus slowly made its way through the majestic parts of Cape Town where the kids learnt more about District 6 and the first heart transplant done by Christian Barnard.

2017-11-23 12.00.46


The bus finally came to a stop in one of Cape Town’s oldest fishing harbours of Hout Bay, where the kids got a chance to stretch their legs, have a bite to eat and enjoy a quick splash about in the water.

2017-11-23 11.16.43

2017-11-23 11.58.25

One by one we hopped back onto our buses with sleepy eyes and happy stomachs. The bus slowly trudged its way through Camps Bay and the beautiful promenade where on lookers watched our bus pass by. The bus slowly becoming silent as time passed by.


2017-11-23 11.11.38

As all good things come to an end we slowly made our way back to Sun Valley Primary, the atmosphere changing from singing that had our ears ringing to kids deep in thought about all that had been learnt that day.


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