We wasted no time and started with chapter 1.

All the Information Technology terminology from Grade 11 was upon us: Did we actually have a holiday? It all seemed so long ago, those lazy summer days of sleeping late and relaxing.

No place to hide in a class of two: the questions needed answers (these were not rhetorical questions). It felt as though our brains were going to burst! All the database terminology that we learnt last year seemed buried deep in our memories, and the heat did not help. If this is how the year starts….woe isĀ us….and she keeps reminding us that we are now in Grade 12!


Everything is always better in the morning: Feeling fresh and cool, this is a breeze! It all now makes sense and of course, “I knew that!” This year is going to be fun: we will be showcasing our programming skills and creating solutions to real world problems.


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