They say time flies when you’re having fun, and thats exactly what’s been happening down in Grade R.

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Sunbird campus has been flooded with energy, excitement and laughter as the youngest members of the Sun Valley family adapt to their new lives as Grade R’s. There’s a happy buzz in the air as the children begin to master their new routines, get to know their teachers and make new friends.


As usual down at Sunbird we are focusing our attention on what these little legends do best: play! Each day brings a new adventure as the children continue to explore every inch of their new playground – the garden, the art room, the “big field” and each of the colourful classrooms. Between singing, dancing, running, jumping, painting, drawing, reading and dressing-up to their hearts content, our Sunbirds are sure to leave school each day with tired bodies but happy hearts.


As teachers, we feel incredibly fortunate to spend each day with such a loving, inquistive, enthusiastic group of little boys and girls. With the guiding principles of Empathy, Grattitude and Grit in mind, we are looking forward to an EGG-stra-ordinary year!

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