It’s a new year and for the Grade 8’s, a new beginning. High school, and 45 minutes a day of  Afrikaans, may be daunting for many students.  The biggest fear I hear from the Grade 8’s is: “I am not good at Afrikaans,”  or “I really struggle to understand Afrikaans.”

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The good news is that this is a new beginning and a new opportunity to put their fears aside and master Afrikaans. With a positive attitude and steady and constant effort, all the Grade 8’s should pass, no excel, at Afrikaans! 🙂

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We will learn new vocabulary and speak Afrikaans in a variety of scenarios, like role play, skits, advertisements and games. New novels were chosen to keep content current and to keep students interested. We aim for an environment where students can learn while having fun.

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Do not worry about making mistakes. One of the most common barriers to conversing in a new language is the fear of making mistakes. (Krystian Aparta, TED Blog).


Grade 8’s, together we will learn, laugh, make mistakes, overcome and conquer all the obstacles in the way of a successful year.

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